Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Busy Life

Well, Asher is in Preschool!  I was so nervous for him because of how hard it's been to get him to try new things.  He has had such a hard time with transitions in the past (nursery, primary, anything that involves leaving me...) and so I honestly expected him to cry for the first week of school until he got used to it.  

Before the official start of school, his teachers had a little Meet 'n Greet where we could see the classroom, meet the teachers, and they could go over the curriculum and classroom policies.  I think that was the smartest thing for them to do!  While one of them talked to the parents, the other one had all the kids on a table in the back of the room putting stickers on the first letter of their name.  I think that helped Asher feel so much more at ease.  Before then when I would ask him if he wanted to go to school he would cry and say he was too scared.  But after that little meeting he was actually excited to go!  There were zero tears from either of us on his first day!  And he has loved it ever since.  He loves going to school! I hope it always stays that way!

After the Meet 'n Greet.  It's in the basement of one of the ladies house and is such a cute little classroom!
First day of school!

Asher's best friend Monty is in his class.  We got there the same time as them so they got to walk in together!
The next big event for us was David's parents came into town for Brian and Brittany's little boys blessing.  It was the first time they got to see little Henry and the second time they got to see our girls!  It was such a fun weekend and there were so many activities that we were all exhausted when it was over, but in a good way!  You can tell that they love that little boy so much and Brian gave him a very special blessing.  After church we all went to their house to have dinner.
Henry had the cutest little suit on!
That next day was Labor Day, so everyone had the day off.  We all decided to go to a driving range-type place and then to dinner afterwards.  I think my favorite part was watching Asher try to figure out those clubs!  It was a lot of fun getting to spend time with everyone and just hanging out.

David's mom and Mia
This was the best smile David would give me.
The cute newlyweds!
Apparently there was a point system for which hole you got your ball into.  I was sharing my turn with Asher so I lost big time, but Brittany beat everyone!

Grandpa and Grandma Clay with Ava, Henry, and Mia! I think this was my favorite picture from the weekend.

Asher loved riding this pig outside the restaurant we ate at, and I'm impressed Joy could get up there!  It was pretty big!
That weekend really wore Ava out.  She fell asleep during bath time that night! (don't worry, I was supervising the whole time)
Two days after our fun outing, we had a not-so-fun day.  The girls had their 4 month appointment, which included shots.  I thought Judy would be in town this day and got a little excited that she might be able to come with me and help play musical children, but they left to go home that morning.  So I packed up all three kids and we headed to the doctors!  It actually went better than I thought.  Mia measured at 13 lb 13 oz (42%), Ava at 14 lb 9 oz (57%) and both are 25.25 in long (80%).   They did not like the shots (big surprise) and one of the nurses tried to help me by holding one of the girls, but she just wasn't calming down so I walked around the room holding both girls and trying to get them calm enough to put them into their carseats.  It didn't take as long as I thought and pretty soon we were out of there and off to take Asher to preschool! 

Taking all three.  I feel like a huge spectacle wherever I go.
Mia has been taking after her Mama and started sucking her thumb.  It's just the cutest thing ever.
The townhouses in front of us have a garden box they don't use.  They let Asher play in it.  He enjoys every minute of it and covers himself in dirt from head to toe.
Poor Mia.  I was trying so hard to hurry and put Ava to bed, but by the time I got done Mia had already fallen asleep in the bouncer.

Asher making Ava laugh.  These girls just adore their older brother.

Last week I watched Brian and Brittany's little boy Henry.  He's 2.5 months younger than my girls and very mild tempered.  Up until this week, I hadn't seen him awake for more than 10 minutes at a time!  It was a little crazy, but my girls are getting easier and he's a pretty easy baby so it was just fine.  And Asher loves babies so he had fun helping me out!  He would tell me where Henry was supposed to sleep, when he was crying, where his pacifier was, and tried very hard to entertain him. 

Asher and Henry
I'm pretty much Henry's favorite aunt.
I will probably post later more updates about the girls because this post is getting to be too long already!  The last thing I want to put on here was brought on by something I saw someone selling on Facebook, actually.  It sounds kind of weird, but if I had any extra money I would've bought it in a second! It's something that really struck a chord with me:

With the exception of our six month stint in Arizona, we have crammed our lives into tiny apartments.  Our first apartment was about 700 square feet, which was fine when it was the two of us but got cramped very quickly when we had Asher.  We've lived in basement apartments, apartments where the walls were so thin you could hear the neighbors talking all the time, and had only one place that was actually pretty big.  I try to tell myself that Asher and the girls probably won't remember most of this time of our lives and that hopefully soon we can have a place that actually has a yard for him to play in.  I feel so much guilt about not being able to give my kids the childhood that I had where we could run around outside all day on our own property and enjoy the outdoors more.  That's why I do my best to make sure we go on lots of walks and trips to the park and every other outing that we can feasibly do.  It's hard living in a small place.  You don't have the privacy you have in a big place.  Other people are always about 5 feet away from you, even if you're hiding in the bathroom trying to get a minute of quiet.  All these bad feelings have been going through my mind so much, that I didn't try to find the good.  Because we are always so close physically, it makes it easier for us to grow together emotionally.  From where I sit, I can see David on the computer, Asher on the couch, Millie also on the couch (ugh...), dinner in the oven, and the girls bedroom where they are taking a nap. Oftentimes David will turn on a piece of music that he wants to show me or a video he thought was funny.  Asher can talk to both of us with just a turn of his head.  I can tell David dinner is ready without ever leaving the kitchen.  Our communication is so much better simply because we are always around each other.  When we lived in our big townhouse, I could tell that it was harder for us to talk.  We each had to make a conscious effort to talk about things because we all tended to hang out in different areas of the house.  Don't get me wrong, we are going to take the first opportunity we can to get a bigger place!  But for now I'm going to try to enjoy how close we are as a family.  How we can spend so much time together and learn so much about one another.  I don't know if love grows BEST in little houses, but I do think it grows better.  So for now I'll enjoy our little house where we've learned to depend on each other and tolerate each other and love each other.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Busy, Busy August!

August has been so crazy! One of my previous posts was about Asher's birthday, which was on the 5th.  It was such a fun day and I'm so happy Asher could be in our family.  He is such a crazy boy!  He loves to get his picture taken and whenever I take a picture of the babies, he likes to jump in until I take a picture of him too.
I sure love this smile!
For his birthday, Asher got a bike.  He loved it that first day!  But since then we've had a hard time getting him to ride it.  He doesn't like going too fast and gets nervous he's going to run into things.  So we have to take him out into the parking lot and walk next to him while he rides it, somewhat forcefully encouraging him to work the pedals.  I hope he gets over that fear soon and learns to enjoy riding it!

Notice the boots...
The girls have grown so much this month!  Their personalities are coming through so strong now.  Mia is still sweet and quiet and mild.  She's been sucking on her thumb a lot recently (something she got from her mother).  I think it's super cute, but also know how hard it will be to break her of that in the future!
One night she didn't want to sleep so we had some bonding time.  My little Mia!
They are finally starting to notice each other!

While talking to David's brother and his wife the other night, I said that sometimes I feel like I'm really getting the hang of having twins and like I'm doing a pretty good job! (like when I took all three to the grocery store - Mia in the front carrier, Ava in her carseat in the cart, and Asher walking, all with almost no crying!)  Well a few weeks ago I did not have one of those days.  Two of my children cried themselves to sleep that night.  It's days like that that make me grateful for tomorrows.

I don't remember why he was crying, but I do know it took a good 30-45 minutes before he finally fell asleep.
She fell asleep in the chair crying while I was trying to put Ava to bed.
One of my favorite outfits we were gifted (I'm pretty sure from David's aunt Linda).
Born together, friends forever.  I sure hope so!
A week after Asher's birthday we did something crazy and went camping with my family!  My parents, brothers, sisters, and all their family's go camping every summer.  It's one of my favorite traditions and I look forward to it every year!  This year we went to Downata, Idaho.  It's a campground right next to a pool/hot springs.  My parents were even super nice and paid for everyone's camping spot!  We all bought 2 day swimming passes to the pool so it was nice to have something so close for entertainment.  I was worried about how the girls would sleep, but they did amazing!  They fell asleep fine and got up the same number of times as always so I felt like it was a success!  Asher had a harder time falling asleep, so he had many grumpy moments where I know he was just really tired.  Our first camping trip as a family of 5 was great!

Happy Daddy
We had to move their Pack n Play outside during the day because it was too hot for them in our tent.  I thought she looked to peaceful sleeping there!
After an impromptu nap.  Still waking up.
Asher thinks that sleeping in a tent in a sleeping bag is just about the coolest thing ever.  Especially when Dad is there to make him laugh!
The Clay girls!

My sister adopted Clara about 6 weeks after my girls were born.  Hopefully they'll all be best friends!

Grandma's hammock was Asher's favorite thing about this trip.  And he cried anytime he didn't have friends to hang out in it with him!  Here he is with his 3 cousins. 

Hanging with Grandma!  I wish we all lived closer together so you could see all my babies more often!

Three sisters with three babies.  These kiddos are all less than a year apart!

Grandpa and Mia.  They're going to be friends. :)

The whole group!  12 adults, 13 children (ages 2 months to 11 years) and 2 dogs!

My favorite picture of our family.  It was so fun!  I can't wait for next year!
You would think after a big camping trip that we wouldn't be leaving the house for another month, but the next weekend the kids and I drove back to Rexburg for my nephew's birthday and to see my aunt and uncle that I haven't seen in probably 15 years!  
Grandma was such a good sport and played marbles with Asher for about 3 hours straight!
Keny (Andy's wife) made this awesome Spiderman piñata! I guess she had made a couple other piñata's for other kids' birthday parties and they were all just as amazing.

Some of the kids at the party! (not Asher because he was having a meltdown at that time)  Keny is probably the best party thrower I know.  She made amazing food, had such fun decorations, and all the kids had a great time!

Poor baby Cache fell asleep with the bottle in his mouth!  Being held by his favorite person (Grandpa).
After that trip we started to settle into our new routine.  David started school and I was nervous to have all three kids by myself all day, but it's been going pretty smooth.  We are all up around 7, I go through my rotation of taking care of kids, I usually try to clean and make sure everyone has food.  David is really busy during the fall because he likes to help out with marching band and he also starts his after school orchestra, so it makes for long days for both of us.  But when he gets home he goes through and greets everyone, we try to have a meal together, and then from 6-7 I work on giving all the kids baths (which I have come to realize is not normal, but it really helps me keep a good bedtime routine), the girls are in bed around 7:30 and Asher is in bed by 8. 

One last thing to finish off our crazy month is we are watching David's sisters dog!  They are spending 2 weeks in Hawaii (of which I am very jealous) and so we have had 2 dogs for a little while!  It's actually not as crazy as I would've thought.  Milo and Millie entertain each other a lot and are always playing and chasing each other around.  He's a pretty good dog, just definitely still a puppy with tons of energy and wears Millie out really fast!  He's a funny little thing, but I will be glad to bring the level of chaos back down to our normal level once they get back.

They love each other.
Milo is kind of a punk, and Millie was too nice to kick him off her nice big bed!
I had so much fun with August and I can't wait to see what September brings!  Asher starts Preschool tomorrow, the girls turn 4 months old next week and David's brother is blessing their new baby next Sunday, so I know we'll stay busy!  Look for more posts about our crazy, fun life!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


August is going to be a crazy month for us!  We've already had Asher's birthday, and in 2 days we go on our first camping trip as a family of 5!  My family does an annual camping trip and it's always a lot of fun.  This year will be especially crazy because there will be 4 babies (I still count Cache as a baby...he just barely turned 1!), 7 toddlers between ages 2 and 4, and two dogs!  I hope nobody camping near us expects to get any sleep!  After that, David goes back to school and I'll be on my own with all 3 kids full time.  After David goes to school, we'll be watching my sister-in-law's little puppy for 2 weeks.  So I thought I would just post a bunch of pictures now so they don't get lost in all the rest of the crazy month!

We were just about to head out the door to go grocery shopping and I made David take this picture.  I think this is a great representation of my life right now, taken over by children!  But I really do love it and I want to remember all the craziness of my life when these girls were little.  I love spending my days with them and watching them grow up.  I am so grateful David works so hard so I have the chance to stay home while they are little!
David is amazing at getting babies to smile!  Mia is harder to get a smile from, so it's so rewarding to see her big open mouthed grin!
This was so hard to get because anytime I put my phone up to take the picture, she got distracted and stopped smiling!
They are finally starting to notice each other!
Asher made me make lunch for his imaginary friend Blurr (a Transformer) for lunch one day.
Another Mia smile!  I love this picture!
When people ask me what it's like having twins, I really want to pull out this picture.  This is my life a lot.

I was in the girls' room taking care of Ava when Mia started crying.  I told Asher to go take care of her until I could come. I came out to him doing this!
When Asher is feel especially silly he'll put his clothes on over the top of his pajama's.
Brian and Brittany's new baby, Henry!

This little girl is so generous with her smiles!  Unless she's unhappy, in which case she'll break your eardrums with her screaming.
Henry meeting his cousins for the first time.  I hope they'll all be good friends!
When Mia is tired she tends to get a little cross-eyed. ;)
When the girls won't sleep in their cribs I take both of them, walk around till they fall asleep,  and then we all take a nap together!  Sometimes when we do this, David and Asher clean for me.  I love it!
Asher loves to join in on any picture I take of the girls!
Sometimes in the evenings we like to go outside and lay in the grass.
Asher loves to help me bake! But he also hates loud noises.
Mia cuddling with Grandma at Keny's birthday bash!  
Asher loved going swimming!  I think he would spend all day, every day in the water if he could.  He kept calling this lake "Keny's party beach!"
Happy birthday Keny!  We all love you!
Swimming at Grandma's, in her freezing cold pool.
Asher finally got used to holding the babies!
We've never been very good at FHE, so this summer I decided to try (again) to start making it a habit.  We've done it 3 out of the last 4 weeks!  It lasts a total of 10 minutes.  For our activity one night we did sparklers!
Asher loves going to David's school and playing the instruments.  His new favorite is the piccolo! He walks around tooting on it, and pretending to play along when David is listening to songs!  Also, I was going to fix his hair that morning, but when he saw the rooster tail he got so excited and kept telling me how much he loved it!  So I just let it be.  He's only young once, right?

Ava is so talkative!