Monday, February 5, 2018

9 Months

These little cuties turned 9 months old today!  I feel like time is flying by so much faster with them!  It's probably because I am so busy taking care of all the kids during the day that I don't have time to just sit down and think about it.  They are so much fun and have been such great additions to our family.  Here's a little summary of them at 9 months!

  • 16 lbs 14.5 oz (27%), 28 inches long (64%), head circumference 46.5 cm (97%)
  • Her hair is getting so long!  Well, most of it is long.  She still sleeps on one side so it's kind of all rubbed off on that side, but it's still cute. ;)  I may be tempted to try a little ponytail soon!
  • Still has 2 teeth.  I think more are coming, but it's taking a little while.
  • Has developed quite a piercing yell that she likes to do at random times.  It doesn't mean she's upset, just that she wants to be heard!  When I'm talking to David on the phone and she does it he says it hurts his ears.  During Stake Conference she was doing it so much I had to take her out into the hall!
  • Has pretty much stopped nursing.  She is more of a biter and would get bored of nursing so she was just hungry all the time.  Now that she's completely on bottles she's much happier.  I do nurse her if she wakes up at night just because it's easier than getting a bottle ready and she's usually ok doing it then.
  • Uses her little pincer grasp to get what she wants!  She uses it to pick up cereal, toys, and also to pick at Dad's face! (which he really loves...)
  • Loves Cheerios and oatmeal with fruit mixed in.
  • Still sucks her thumb when she's tired.  It's just so adorable to see her grab the edge of her blanket and suck her thumb when she's falling asleep!  I'm secretly glad I got a child who loves to suck her thumb.  It had to happen sometime because me, my mom, and I think even my grandma all sucked our thumbs!

I just love seeing her smile!  It's just so sweet!

This happened a couple times.  Thankfully she is learning not to do that!

Mia had just finished her bottle and Asher went over to play with her.  It was such a precious moment.
One of her adorable church outfits provided by her stylish cousin London!
Listening to Asher read a bedtime story

  • 18 lbs 7.5 oz (55%), 28.2 inches long (71%), head circumference 44.5 cm (68%)
  • Has 7 teeth!  And 2 more on the way!  We've pretty much had 3 straight months of teething.  It's hit or miss on how good of a mood she's in because of that, but I think after the next 2 come in we'll have a little bit of a break (hopefully).
  • Has the cutest little smirk where she scrunches her nose up.  It's so adorable and makes me smile every time I see it.
  • Still my most emotional child.  People always ask if they have similar personalities and I always say that Mia is my pleasant, chill child and Ava is either really happy or really not.  Today at the doctor she screamed bloody murder while he was examining her, but as soon as he put her down she was back to her happy self, babbling away!
  • Has started babbling so much.  David loves to get her to say "Dada" although I don't really count it as her first word because that's just her babbling sound (sorry David).
  • Finally getting some hair to cover her head!  
  • When she gets excited and thinks she's going to get picked up, she'll flap her arms and legs up and down while giggling.  It's so hard to walk past her when she does that because it's so funny!
  • Loves to make messes.  She's army crawl her way to the toys and empty out every container, take apart any puzzle, and generally scatter everything she can find.
  • Still nurses, but I'm not sure how much longer that will last.

Scrunchie nose smile!
She was tired, and she doesn't handle being tired well.  But she looked so cute!  Another outfit from London.

Rare solo shopping trip with Mom! She thought it was so fun!

I don't remember why, but she was so exhausted this night she was falling asleep while drinking her bottle!
She has started laying like this a lot.  A girl in my ward called it her "Sassy Pose".

Loves dogs.  And will find Millie wherever she is and pull out all her hair.  Millie is very patient about it.
Both Girls:
  • Army crawl all over the house!  They no longer are confined to the rug in our living room like they were previously.  Ava is a little better at it so she has managed to go everywhere in our house, but Mia is catching up fast and starting to get into as much trouble as her sister!  They both get up on all fours, but haven't quite figured out how to coordinate the movements to get a real crawl going.
  • Still wake up at least once during the night.  Between my three kids and being pregnant, it's been about a year and a half since I slept all the way through the night.  I'm looking forward to that day when it comes again.
  • Love love love their brother.  Asher gets a little possessive of toys and things that he thinks the girls shouldn't touch, so there's been a bit of a learning curve with that, but he is so great with them and they just light up when he gives them some attention.
  • Also love it when David gets home from work!  He is their playmate and can get them both laughing pretty hard.

They did this twice today where I went in to get them up from sleeping and they were playing with each other through the bars in their cribs!  It was the first time I'd seen them really play with each other!

At the doctor.  It's difficult getting two babies through the measuring, weighing, examinations, and shots all by myself.  That's why we usually stop for ice cream afterwards.
We got to see Grandma Clay!  Poor Henry usually gets squished in a twin sandwich.
They love her. ;)
My 38 weeks in picture!  I was very emotional when I took this.  It was right after the hospital called to tell me to come in so they could induce me.  But I was looking forward to getting rid of that gigantic belly!
38 weeks out!  
Asher wanted to do a silly face.
Bath time!  I usually do their baths one at a time because they like to kick at each other, but this night was an exception.
Mia is kind of a punk sometimes and likes to crawl all over Ava!
My babies!  I really really love this picture.
8 months old.  They are so cute.

Saturday, December 2, 2017


Thanksgiving week was so busy and fun and exhausting, all at the same time!  David got done with school on Tuesday, so we were debating on whether to drive to Idaho that night or wait until Wednesday.  I thought it would be better to drive during the day because I thought it might be snowing in Idaho and didn't want to drive in the snow in the dark.  It's a good thing we decided that because after school on Tuesday David had to drive all over to various music stores so he could get instruments fixed before the holiday weekend!  He left at 6:30 that morning to go to school and didn't get home until 7 that night.  David's brother Brian had asked us if we could drive them to the airport at 6:30 that night and I thought it would be fine because one of us could get the kids to bed and the other drive them.  Well since David was getting home so late, I ended up driving them.  But I couldn't leave my kids home alone and it was too short of notice to get someone to come over to watch them, so they came with us!  So squished in our van was me, Brian, Brittany, Natalie (Brittany's sister), 3 babies in carseats, and Asher in his carseat!  I am very amazed we all fit.

Wednesday we got everything packed up and drove to Idaho.  We only had to stop twice and Mia only screamed for the last hour and a half. ;)  But we got there all in one piece!  Thanksgiving was hosted by my older brother and his family.  They recently moved about 30 minutes away from my mom into this super cute little farmhouse. We got there around noon and had fun talking and all the kids had fun running around their yard together.  We had a fantastic meal and by 4:30, my little girls were totally pooped and we headed back to my parents house.  My sisters and brother ended up at my parents house and we hung out after all our kids went to bed.  David and I went to a movie that night (we only go to the movies when we have free babysitters...) and just had a relaxing day.

Friday we spent lots of time hanging out with family.  We went to Joni's house so Asher could play with Ledger and London and Joni let me go through her baby girl clothes!  David and I went to another movie that night too. :)

Saturday was so much fun.  My sister-in-law Keny had a great idea to throw my mom a surprise birthday party!  She planned the whole thing and it was amazing.  She is our new party planner because everything she does is so much fun!  She gave us all assignments of things to bring and she made all the food, had games and prizes, and she always makes a piñata for the party!  It was so fun and really wore my kids out.  After the party we drove back home, completely tired.  Can't wait for Christmas!
My mom and dad got a 4-wheeler so she could check on her bees and chickens.  David decided he would graciously help out and check on them for her and took Asher on a little ride!
While we waited for Thanksgiving dinner, Asher and David tried out my brother's trampoline.

David tends to get restless if we sit around too long, so he started taking kids on  rides with my brother's 3-wheeler!  They loved it!  And Millie loved tagging along.
After dinner.  Mia was so so tired!
I don't have many pictures from my mom's surprise party, but I do have some of the piñata!  Chade (Joni's husband) was designated piñata pole holder, a bit of a dangerous job!

Asher's turn to take a swing!

After they broke it open - candy!
On Sunday after we got back, we were all so tired and my girls were just getting over a cold (that they had the whole time we were in Idaho....yuck) so we didn't go to church.  Ava had a hard time settling down enough to take a nap so David took one with her!

My Mia!  She loves to grab faces.

This girl has been a bit of a trial the last couple of weeks. Growth spurt + being sick + teething = neither of us get much sleep.  Like for 2 weeks I was getting about 4.5 hours of sleep a night.  It's a good thing she's so cute!  And she loves her feet.

These two.  They make me feel all the feelings. :)

Saturday, November 11, 2017

6 Months!

We have officially made it 6 months as a family of 5!  It's been quite the whirlwind adventure and there were times I didn't think we would make it out, but we did!  Life is crazy, I hardly get a chance to sit down and relax, and my house is always a mess.  But most of the time it doesn't bother me because I know I'm enjoying my kids!  Here's a little bit about the two newest additions to our family:

  • Stats - Height 26.75 in (82%), weight 16lb 1.5oz (48%), head circumference 45 cm (98%)
  • I was worried about this doctor visit for Mia.  At her 4 month appointment, the doctor noticed her head had an odd shape and worried that her skull may have started fusing too early.  If that was the case, she would need to have surgery to make an incision on the skull to allow the brain to develop normally.  I was trying very hard not to cry in front of the doctor as he was telling me this.  But he said to wait until her 6 month appointment before he took any further steps.  But at this appointment he gave her a clean bill of health!  He compared her head to Ava's and Asher's and said they have a similar shape, just not as pronounced.  So basically all my kids of weird shaped heads.  But I was so relieved it wasn't anything else!
  • Just recently started rolling from back to stomach and now whenever I put her on the floor she rolls over and gets stuck.  She also has been trying to pull her knees under her.  She'll be crawling soon enough!
  • When she gets excited she flaps her arms around like a little bird.  It's so cute!
  • Sucks her thumb when she gets tired.  And usually sleeps with her thumb in her mouth.  It must be genetic because I used to suck my thumb and my grandma said that my mom was born with her thumb in her mouth!
  • Her hair is growing back in, but mostly right on top so it looks like she has a mohawk!
  • Still a very relaxed baby.  Doesn't cry too much and is fine just hanging out on her own.  She also doesn't laugh very much, but that just makes the times she does laugh that much more special.
  • Very grabby baby.  She is always reaching for people's faces and hair and will clench anything into her little fist.  She has quite a strong grip and I have gotten my skin pinched many times!

I love her cute little smile!

I love this outfit on her!
Both girls love Millie, but Mia also likes to pull her hair.  Millie is so patient and just sits there and takes it!
Sucking her thumb while taking a nap.

Keny is amazing at putting babies to sleep!  I love this of her and Mia!
  • Stats - Height 26.25 in (64%), weight 16lb 15oz (65%), head circumference 43 cm (71%)
  • She has a spot on the back of her head that the doctor thought may have been caused by the spine not closing up, but we took her to a dermatologist that told us it was just a birth mark.  So I thought after that scare we were done with medical things, but I guess not.  She has a bump on her arm that has been there since she was born.  When we asked the doctor before about it he said it was probably just fatty tissue, but we'll keep an eye on it.  At her 6 month appointment I asked him about it again and he said that we should probably get an ultrasound of it.  So yesterday I took her (and Asher and Mia...) to the Primary Children's outpatient services in Riverton to do that.  Let me say, I just love taking all three kids to a million doctor appointments! But we did the ultrasound (which she hated because I had to hold her down so they could get a good look) and went home to wait until I got a call with the results.  When I did get the call it was pretty good news.  It wasn't just fatty tissue, but it wasn't anything too serious.  It looks like it's lymphatic tissue.  So they don't need to remove it, but once a year for the next few years we'll redo the ultrasound to just keep checking on it.  So it could've been a lot worse!
  • Such a smiley little girl!  Most of the time.  Unless she's in a bad mood, then look out! When she's smiling, she somehow manages to smile with her whole body.  It's amazing!
  • Loves to make gargling noises.  
  • Has 2 teeth!  Both on the bottom.  Teething with her is so much easier than it was with Asher!  She gets a little more drooly and congested, but that's about it.  Not any more grumpy or anything!  Mia is still pretty far away from getting any teeth.
  • Still hasn't managed to roll front to back.  And doesn't like to roll back to front.  She does love sitting in the bumbo or in the jumper!  David and I think she may skip crawling and go to straight to walking. Or maybe do what Asher used to and just scooch around on her back!
  • My chubbiest baby.  And I squish her all the time.  My sister said it's kind of like having a stress ball to squeeze.  And she was very right.
  • Definitely a Mama's girl.
I love it when she's concentrating on something and looks down at what she's doing.  It makes her cheeks puff up even more and they are just so scrumptious!
Look at that cute baby!  This dress is soon cute on her, but she was a little too chubby for it. Oh well, at least I have this adorable picture of her in it!
With Asher, her favorite person. ;)
We had a lot of other things going on this past month as well.  My sister adopted a baby 6 weeks after I had the girls.  They got the adoption finalized and this past weekend they got sealed to her!  I have been fortunate enough to attend all the sealings to her children and it's very special every time.  We are so happy to have Clara in the family and it will be fun to have her so close in age to my girls!

Their family outside the temple!
Baby Clara.  She has lots of hair and big brown eyes!
While we were in Idaho we stayed with my parents.  My dad made sure the babies were taken care of. 
Zach (in the white shirt) was very brave and tried to teach a 5 year old, 4 year old, and 3 year old how to play Life!
5 Month picture
I think I am 6 or 8 months old in this picture.  Just for a little comparison.

Hanging out with Henry!  He's about 2.5 months younger than my girls and is getting so talkative!
I thought this was super cute.  Every once in awhile Asher takes a teddy bear to bed.  This particular night he tucked him in before going to sleep. ;)
Finally breaking out the jumpers David's sisters bought us for a baby shower present!  I use them every day!
6 month doctor visit.  I like to document this so in 20 years I can look back and think "How did I manage two babies getting shots on my own?"
I'd always heard about David's dog Pudge when he was growing up.  I pictured this fat little bulldog that could hardly move.  I found this picture in some stuff David's mom passed on to us and now I see why his whole family says Millie looks just like her!  Also, it was so fun to see all the pictures of the Clay's growing up!
Halloween!  I made all their costumes.  I probably could've found cheap costumes someone was selling on Facebook, but I had so much fun making them!  I haven't been able to make things in awhile.  While I was pregnant my joints hurt so bad I could hardly use my hands and I've been so busy with the babies.  So I took a weekend, ignored all the cleaning, my house looked like a disaster, but it was worth it!
At Asher's preschool program.  It was super cute.
Trick or Treating!  The girls last about 10 minutes.  David took them home and Asher and I walked around for another hour or so knocking doors.
 All of my family is now back in Idaho, so we are the odd ones out.  So when we make it back to Idaho the whole family gets to hang out again!  My mom wanted some updated family pictures so while we were in Idaho for the sealing we also did pictures.  I think they all turned out so great!  These were taken the day the girls turned 6 months old.
I just love these people so much.
The boys

The girls

Look at those big beautiful eyes!

Those cheeks!
My sister Joni and her crazy kids.  Asher absolutely loves Ledger and London!
My sister Lisa and her family.  Her boys are 4 months apart, so it's almost like having twins!
My brother David and his bunch of boys.  I'm always amazed at how Emily can keep her sanity in that crazy house!
My brother Andy with his wife and son Milan.  They have almost been married a year, which seems crazy!  Life goes by so fast!  Keny is so kind and I feel like every time I see her she has some gift for my kids!
My parents.  I love them.

It can get a little crazy when we're all together, but I love it so much.  Family really is my most favorite thing!