Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Monday, July 10, 2017

2 Months

Well, we've made it another month!  To be perfectly honest, I don't particularly enjoy the newborn stage of my babies.  I love it in other people's children because you get to just snuggle a sweet smelling little bundle of joy!  But when it's your own you get a little worn down by the lack of sleep, the constant feeding, the tummy troubles that make your baby very grumpy (my children apparently all start out with very sensitive tummies), because of the tummy troubles I don't get to eat a lot of the foods I like (dairy, anything acidic, carbonation), and the crying.  I don't want to give you the impression that I don't love my children, because I do!  They're just easier when they can smile and laugh and play with toys and interact with you!  And people keep telling me that twins get a lot easier after 6 months, so I'm waiting for that day!  Anyways, here's a little look at our lives this last month!

Here's a little summary of the girls.

  • LOVES to be held.  Like a lot.  Like she never wants to be put down.  She just loves to be snuggled!  She is getting better at not being held which is nice for me because my arms and shoulders get very sore sometimes!  
  • Sleeps pretty good at night.  Wakes up for feedings, but almost always goes right back to sleep.  Longest stretch - 5 hours.
  • When she's in a good mood she is so easy to get a smile from!  She loves being talked to and seeing your facial expressions.
  • When she's mad, she gets VERY mad.  She can scream very loud and sometimes cries so hard she'll start getting hoarse.  Hopefully that stops soon.
  • Kind of a Mama's girl already.  She tends to calm down faster for me than other people, even David.
  • I think she had some acid reflux for awhile because she was always spitting/throwing up after every feeding and had a lot more tummy problems.  I gave her a lot of gas drops and gripe water which seemed to help.  She's mostly grown out of it now, which is so nice because I could tell she didn't feel good and it made her very unhappy.
  • Generally most people think she looks more like me. :)
  • Likes being outside, laying on a blanket in the grass.  
  • 11 lbs 3 oz (39%) and 22.75 in (54%)
  • So aware of her surroundings!  Since she was born she has had her eyes wide open to look at everything around her.  It's hard to get her to look at your face because she's always looking everywhere else around the room.  When I take Ava in the backpack when I walk Millie at night, she's asleep before we reach the end of the block.  With Mia, she stays awake the whole time and just looks around.
  • Definitely my easiest baby.  Doesn't need to be held all the time, has a less sensitive stomach, sleeps pretty good, and doesn't cry very much.  
  • She doesn't smile as much as Ava, but I think it's mainly because she gets so distracted when she's looking around.  When she does smile, she looks so excited and fascinated with you!
  • Also, when she does look at your face, she likes to do so by tilting her head way back.  That's also how she sleeps.  It looks very uncomfortable.
  • Sleeps better than Ava, unless she decides she doesn't want to sleep.  Then she'll be up for 4 hours with only a 10 minute cat-nap.  She usually isn't grumpy when she does this, just wants to be awake.  Longest sleeping stretch - 8 hours.
  • Looks just like Asher when he was a baby.
  • 10 lbs 12 oz (28%) and 22.7 in (52%)
For both girls:
  • Hate bath time.  Which is weird for me because Asher loved bath time from the beginning!  I've tried many different methods/times of day and am slowly figuring out what results in the least amount of crying, but it's been a trial.  Bath time doesn't happen as much as it did with Asher, I'll just say that.
  • Daddy gets the most smiles from both girls.  But I knew that was going to happen.  David is a magician at getting babies to smile. ;)
  • Really don't like it when I drink pop, have ice cream, or eat pizza.  I've been forced to eat healthier.  
  • Loves it when Asher talks to them!  Does not like it when Asher touches their faces. 
A lot of people have asked me how Asher is adjusting to the girls.  He loves them!  He likes to be very involved in whatever I'm doing with them.  Whether it's changing a diaper, giving them a bath, or doing tummy time he is right there.  He likes to talk to them and can't wait until they are able to play with him.  He tries to play with them now, but it usually ends up with them crying and David and I getting after him to be soft with them.  When he and I are in the living room with both girls, he'll ask which baby does he get.  I'll tell him he can have whatever baby I'm not holding and he takes on the parent role for that baby!  He even gets mad when I try to take care of "his baby".  He will get their pacifier, a blanket, or whatever else he thinks they need.  It's very cute!  I'm very excited to watch them all grow up together.  

As for David and I, we are surviving.  Three kids is hard.  We went from outnumbering our kids, to them outnumbering us!  We hold babies a lot.  But it is a lot of fun seeing their personalities come out and see how much they change!  August is going to be a very busy month for us, so let's hope we make it through that!  Asher turns 4 on August 5th!  He's very excited for his birthday and has been asking if it's his birthday since about February.  On the 8th, my family is doing our annual camping trip!  I look forward to this all year!  Shortly after the camping trip David has to go back to school.  I'm a little nervous for that, but at the same time know that most people with twins don't get their husbands home with them for the first 4 months, so I feel a little spoiled.  I tell people that I think Heavenly Father knew I wouldn't be able to do it by myself and planned out for the babies to be born when David was home!  It's been such a blessing having David home to help with crying babies and making dinner and entertaining Asher.  He's pretty great. ;)

Here's a few pictures to document this last month!
Our upstairs neighbor's bathroom started leaking into ours.  The HOA had a guy come fix the leak, but now we have a big hole in the ceiling of our bathroom.  It makes me depressed to look at it.  Someday we'll have time/money to fix it...

My sister got all her boys cars/trains together and took a picture.  I did the same.  We have more cars because that's pretty much the only toy that Asher will play with!

David took Asher and Millie camping!  It rained the whole time I was hanging out with them and as soon as I drove away it stopped and they roasted marshmallows.  Asher thought it was the best thing ever.

Tummy time!

David's family wanted some pictures of the girls.  Unfortunately this was a night when they were both broken.  This is how I made dinner that night.

I hand babies to David a lot.  He puts a pillow under his arm and gets them to fall asleep.  We have a good system.

She was mad at me because I gave her a bath.  But I loved her frizzy hair!

Smiles from Ava!

And smiles from Mia!
Asher wanted to be in the picture too!

All my babies ;)

They replaced the rock wall by the playground.  Asher was fascinated.

My favorite pajamas!  I love seeing the bunnies with ears on her feet and the ruffles on the bum!

I told David that Asher needed to get some energy out and get out of the house.  So we borrowed Brian and Brittany's pool key and they went swimming!  I'm pretty sure Asher is part fish.

I hung out in the shade with the girls. Ava wasn't sure what to think about it.

Fireworks!  Asher loved doing sparklers.  Thanks for giving them to us Joy!

2 months old!  And in outfits their amazing aunt Keny got for them!

Blessing Day!  I'm so glad other people thought to take pictures because the day went by so fast I completely forgot!  Pretty Mia in hers.
And adorable Ava in hers!

Big yawn.
My mom made their shoes and headbands!

Thank you so much to everyone that made it!  It meant so much to us!

I always love seeing my family!

The Clay girls.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Not Pregnant Anymore!

I finally had the babies!  I looked at my last post and saw that I was 34 weeks along.  From that post until delivery things went pretty smooth.  All my non-stress tests came back normal, my blood pressure never was a problem, and between my 35 and 36 week appointment Baby B flipped and turned head down!  I just got more and more uncomfortable and thought for sure by 36 weeks I would go into labor.  Well 36 weeks came and went, and so did 37. After 37 weeks I did everything I could to go into labor! I went on walks, ate spicy food, I even started doing squats and lunges.  But nothing worked.  So, on my birthday, I spent the morning waiting anxiously for the call from the hospital so I could go in and get induced.  When I made the induction appointment, I thought there was no way I would go that far.  But like my sister told me, I have an iron uterus and even with twins I went clear to 38 weeks and had to be induced!  So from now on, I have two little buddies I get to share my birthday with!  Cinco de Mayo really is going to be quite the celebration at our house!

38 weeks.  My eyes are all puffy because I had been crying all morning.  I was emotionally unstable at this point. 
When we got the call to head up, we all loaded into the car and drove to the hospital.  Joy's husband Kahea was going to meet us there to pick up Asher and watch him while we were in the hospital.  He watched Asher all day and Asher had so much fun!  Well, we got to the room and I got all hooked up to IV's and monitors.  The doctor came in and broke my water and we were off!  Right before they gave me to Pitocin I asked for the epidural.  I was glad I asked so early because they said that put me right at the top of the list!  I hate pitocin and knew I would need the epidural to get through it.  It wasn't too long before I was able to get it and life was much better afterwards.  Well, except the nausea.  Being on my back with my huge belly made me so sick.  But I was able to get some medicine for that and things were better after that.  

I was so glad when halfway through my labor my mom showed up!  She knew when I was being induced so she started driving that morning to be there for me.  I felt bad that she just kind of sat around all day watching me sit in the hospital bed, but it was awesome to have that support.  The nurses heard that it was my birthday so they put together a little gift basket for me filled with an adult coloring book, lotion, and a few other little things.  Everyone was so nice!

Labor went pretty normal, and before I knew it it was time to deliver!  With twins, delivery is a little different.  I had to deliver in the OR in case they had to do an emergency C-section.  David also had to get in a full gown and there were tons of people in the room to help out if needed.  There were probably 10-15 people in the delivery room with us: my L&D nurse, 2 nurses from the Nursery for each baby after they were delivered, a midwife there to guide the second baby down after I delivered the first, one nurse was there and just took pictures for us, maybe one or two other people, and lastly the doctor catching the babies!  This delivery was a lot more difficult for me because my epidural wasn't as strong.  Half way through delivering the first baby I just couldn't stop thinking "I have to do this again..." and feeling like I was never going to be able to do it.  But we made it through and everything went so smooth!
The nurses were holding her up so I could see.  I couldn't hold her yet because I still had one more baby to go!

Baby A!
And Baby B!

Birthday buddies!

Family picture!  
Mia Elizabeth (Baby A) born 6 lbs 3 oz  and 18 inches and Ava Jane (Baby B) born at 6 lbs 6 oz and 18 inches

Meeting the sisters
Later that night Brian, Brittany, Joy and Kahea came to see us and bring Asher to the hospital.  After their visit my mom took Asher home.  For the rest of our hospital stay things went good.  Mia had to have her blood sugar levels checked regularly because she was just under the normal weight range and when we left Ava's bilirubin count was a little high, but checkups on both girls after the hospital came back normal!  I am amazed and feel very blessed that my pregnancy, delivery, and everything after went so smooth.  I think Heavenly Father knew that I wouldn't be able to handle much else! 

Recovery from this delivery went much better than my recovery from having Asher.  I was able to get up and move around MUCH sooner and didn't feel nearly as sick.  I think that's partly because my epidural wasn't so strong this time.  When we came home from the hospital, my Dad and two sisters were there and my mom made us an amazing lunch.  It was so fun to see them and they made David and I go and take a nap while they watched the girls and Asher.  My mom was able to stay with us for  a little while longer and she was so nice to entertain Asher, cook meals, and clean for us!  We had a few days of just us and then David's mom came to stay with us and do the same thing.  We really appreciated all the help we got and I don't know how we would've done it without them!  Now that they've gone, Asher gets bored a lot more, I don't really cook meals, and our house is a mess.  But we are all still alive, so that's the good thing!  Here are some pictures, although I'll probably post again soon with pictures from the girls' newborn photo shoot.
Asher holding Mia!  It took awhile for him to want to do this.
Grandma cuddling Mia right before she headed back to Rexburg.
David cuddling Ava.  Ava is definitely more of a cuddle-bug than Mia, she always wants to be held!
Asher really does love the babies.  He pulled the bouncer over to the couch so he could sit next to both of them.
Mia falling asleep during tummy time.
Asher likes to get involved with tummy time!
Making cookies with Grandma! 
I put Ava down for a second and she fell asleep like this.  She was worn out.
This is how they sleep most nights.  They don't seem to mind having the other person up in their face!
Asher spending time with Mia.  He pulled the other bouncer over so he could sit next to her.
He climbed into the crib with Ava.  He likes to be very involved in whatever the babies are doing!
Watching the babies sleep.
We went to a parade the city was putting on.  I took Ava in the front loader and David stayed home with Mia.  We were able to walk over to the route and we sat next to Asher's friend Monty.  I was worried about having Ava outside in the heat and with all that noise, but she did great!  And the only one that got sunburned was me!
Now the girls are officially 1 month old.  I feel like that's a big accomplishment!  I miss being able to drink pop and I've found that I can't have too much dairy, but I feel blessed that I've been able to nurse both girls with only minimal supplementation.  I am hungry all the time and drink so much water, but it's all for a good cause.

Now that David is out of school for the summer, I have help from him and don't feel so overwhelmed.  Most of what he does at this point is just hold babies.  When I get done feeding one he'll burp her or if they're both having a hard time going to sleep or if they are fussy after bath time.  He's been so helpful to me and he's also been great at taking Asher out of the house and letting him have some one-on-one time.  

I'm so excited for when these girls start smiling and laughing and start sleeping at night more!  Hopefully by my next post I'll be able to tell you all about those!  Until then, here's to keeping everyone alive for another month!

Saturday, April 8, 2017


Well, we made it to April!  That's a big thing for us for a few reasons.  Firstly, I made it to 34 weeks!  The doctors I see are all very happy I've made it this far without any major complications and that almost every test I have comes back normal.  That's not to say I'm not really uncomfortable, but things are going well.  I can just feel that my body is being pushed to the limit and I'm not sure how much longer I can go, but everything should be okay!  After 34 weeks I can deliver at the hospital close to us (they don't have a full NICU and can only keep babies there born after 34 weeks) and I don't have to worry about delivering there and then having the babies shipped to SLC, an hour away.  The scary part is that from here on out they won't stop labor.  So if I start having contractions then we're just going to go for it!  I'm terrified about how we're going to handle things after the babies are born, but I'm very glad that I'm almost done with this pregnancy.  

At my last doctor's appointment (which I have weekly now), the babies were each measuring about 5 lbs and both heartbeats were normal.  I have to do a Non-Stress Test each visit where they measure heartbeats, if I have any contractions, and movement from each baby.  They had any easy time getting movement from Baby A, but to get enough movement from Baby B they had me drink juice and lay on my side.  They weren't concerned about the movement because they are both growing so well, and I told them that that's how it's been my entire pregnancy.  I just have one child that's a lot more active than the other!  Baby A is head-down, but Baby B is breech.  I asked the doctor if I could still try for a vaginal birth (I really don't want to have a C-section) and they said that as long as Baby A is head down I could try and it usually works out fine.  He said after the first baby is born they have plenty of room to try and flip the second.  There's still a chance I could deliver one and then have a C-section for the other, but I'm praying that doesn't happen!  

34 Weeks! And this is one of my only shirts that still covers my belly.
I feel like I keep forgetting to post about Asher, so here are a few things about this boy that I want to remember!
  • He is such a goof.  He likes to say made-up words and gibberish and then laughs for 5 minutes about it!  I keep forgetting to get a video of it, but it reminds me so much of home videos of my older brother and him being a ham in front of the camera.  
  • One thing that I don't love, but can't help but laugh at is that he always compares things that are really big to my tummy.  Like "That truck is SOOOO big, it's the biggest I've ever seen!  Just like your tummy!"  I can't help but laugh, but I also can't wait to have a semi-normal waistline again.
  • Loves to play pretend.  He always plays with his cars and has them talk to each other.  
  • One thing I've tried to start doing is after I read him a book and we say prayers before bed, I'll ask him things about the day or ask what he wants to do tomorrow.  It's turned into some of my favorite time!  He loves to tell stories about things that happened and completes each story with hand gestures.  I love that he can communicate with me now!  Things that he always asks that we can do is go play with Monty (the little boy that lives upstairs) or go to church. 
  • He loves Millie.  Maybe a little too much.  She'll sometimes hide from him.  But when he comes into my room in the morning to wake me up, he always goes and pets Millie too.  He loves to hug her and talk to her and also jump on her, which she is very patient and nice about.  As much of a pain as she can be sometimes, she is an excellent family dog and I'm never worried that she's going to get aggressive or mean with Asher.
  • For some weird reason, the last week or so he has actually said the words "Mom, I'm hungry."  I about died of shock the first time it happened!  My guess is he's going through a growth spurt because this kid could live off half a piece of bread a day and still be fine.  But this week he has been eating so much!  Well, probably a normal amount compared to other kids, but a ton for him!  
  • He had his first dentist appointment!  At first, he was terrified and refused to let them get an x-ray and almost refused to even sit in the chair.  But the hygienist that was helping us was very patient and showed him all her tools and she even got a quick cleaning in!  After the cleaning, he was okay and they also got him to do the x-ray.  The dentist said everything looked great and for us to keep doing what we're doing!  One thing I learned, though, was that it's common for kids his age to grind their teeth.  I knew Asher did it, but didn't know it was common.  He said usually kids grow out of it when they get their adult teeth.  But he warned me that some kids grind their teeth so much that they get little cracks in their teeth and get cavities because of it.  But there's not much to do about it now so I'll just keep brushing his teeth and keep giving him lots of milk!
  • When I tell him he can't do something or has to wait for something, he started to collapse on the ground and lay there in defeat.  When he did that, I started asking him if he was shlunked.  So now when he does that, he smiles and says "Mom, I shlunked."  It makes me laugh every time.
I can't think of much else for right now, but that's a little bit about my funny guy!  I'm not sure when my next post will be, but hopefully I'll find the time/energy to post about the babies birth sometime in the next 6 months!  Until then, here's some pics!

Playing with legos.  His new favorite activity.
First dentist visit!
And first x-ray!
One night, we decided to have a movie night.  So I spread out some blankets and we had popcorn and candy and watched Moana.  Asher loved it and asks if we can do it all the time now!