Thursday, May 10, 2018

Party Time!

It really happened!  My girls turned 1!  This year has gone by so quickly, I feel like their first year went by so much faster than Asher's.  I shed many tears thinking about how fast they are growing up and how soon they'll be talking then going to school then moving out and I just want all my kids to stay little forever!  Thinking back over the last year, I have had many realizations.  The first and most important lesson is sometimes you have to go into survival mode and just make it through.  The first 4 months of twins, in my experience, were by far the hardest.  Especially if one of them has colic and you have a 4 year old who is also trying to process having two new people in his life.  And also if you can't eat half of the foods you normally do because you are nursing and your babies have very sensitive stomachs.  There were times when I honestly didn't think I was going to make it.  Those 4 months I averaged about 4 hours of sleep at night.  If I sat down for more than 10 minutes I would fall asleep.  I am so looking forward to this summer and being able to go outside because I felt like I never left the house last summer!  I have no idea what Asher did that whole time.  Whenever someone brought over dinner or offered to take Asher to do something it would bring me to tears because I knew I just couldn't do it on my own.  I am so thankful David was able to take the summer off because he was amazing at catching babies.  I think the past year the words I have said the most to him have been "Here, have a baby."  It was so hard but it was so great when they were okay being on the floor and I didn't have to hold them all the time.  And when they realized how ridiculous Asher is and loved watching whatever he did.  And when they realized they could play with each other (even during nap time when they're supposed to be sleeping...) and laugh and giggle and all the other amazing things babies do!  I'm so excited for what the next year brings!

Mia Elizabeth:
  • Lots of hair!  I think she has a little bit more hair than Asher had at this point and a lot more than Ava.  It's fun putting it in little ponytails and bows and all the girly stuff!
  • Still skinny and tall, just like Asher.  Although her head is ginormous.  Like 99th percentile.  Lots of room for all those brains!
  • Has a cute little dimple and the most adorable little smirk which is usually accompanied by some kind of noise.
  • Doesn't laugh a ton, but when she does it's a nice belly laugh that's very fulfilling to listen to!
  • By far my best eater.  She'll eat almost anything I put in front of her.  She's still lighter than Ava, but that's not from lack of calories!
  • Hates being in her carseat on long trips.  She hardly sleeps in her carseat anyways and then will scream and scream for the last hour on our trips to Idaho.  But as soon as we get her out she is right as rain!
  • Kind of a mama's girl.  Especially if she's in a new place where she feels uncertain or if she's upset.
  • She takes awhile to warm up to new situations.  She gets very clingy anytime we go somewhere new, but after she gets used to it she gets very adventurous and likes to crawl around exploring things.
  • Still sucks her thumb when she sleeps.  It's still super cute.
  • Very mellow and sweet at home.  Although most people don't get to see that because she is VERY wary of new people.  It's amazing being able to stay home with them, but they only really see David and me so they're not used to being around different people and so most people get to see them cry.
  • Loves to walk along furniture!  I would guess she'll be walking first.
  • Always trying to put things where they should go.  If she finds a bow on the floor she'll try to put it on her head.  If she finds my headband she'll try to put it on my head.  If she picks up dog food and I'm around she'll hand it up to me because she knows I always take it away from her. (although if I'm not around she will eat it because she thinks she is a puppy).

Look at that cute little face!

I snuck this picture during nap time. ;)

At Asher's baseball game.  She loves to pull herself up on anything.
Birthday cupcake and pointing!  I just love her!

Ava Jane:
  • Has had the same temperament since she was born, very hot and cold!  She is either super happy and giggly or throwing herself on the floor in a tantrum, she doesn't really have an in-between.  When she throws herself on the floor Asher calls her "Melter Master" (an adaptation of his Transformer "Motor Master").  She is a bit of a drama queen, but she is so funny and happy when she's in a good mood that it all evens out!
  • Still has a pretty chubby face.  She might have dimples under there somewhere, but I think we'll have to wait until she loses a little more baby chub to tell for sure.
  • Much more talkative than Mia.  She pretty much just babbles all day long, especially if we're in the car.
  • Doesn't really like foods that aren't crackers or fruit and veggie pouches.  I'm hoping I don't have another Asher-type eater on my hands.
  • Daddy's girl all the way!  When David gets home she follows him around wherever go goes for a good hour.  And if he picks her up she DOES NOT want to be put down and will throw a huge tantrum if he does.  
  • Knows how to relax.  She is always lounging and eating and drinking with as little effort as possible.  She usually drinks her bottle with one hand behind her head. 
  • When she's in a good mood she is so ridiculous and hilarious and quirky.  It is so easy to get her giggling and smiling!
  • Her new favorite thing to do is slide things all over the house while she's crawling.  It's usually a book, but can also be toys, clothes, shoes, or whatever else she can find.
  • Can say "Dada" and "Mama" and once or twice I think she has said "Hi".
  • Quite a little spitfire and we love having her around!

Squishy face!

Lounging like a boss.

She spent pretty much all of Asher's t ball game rolling around on the blanket and making weird noises.  And pulling David's beard. ;)
She did not like the cupcake, but she enjoyed all the attention!

They are beginning to interact more and have more fun playing together and it is such a fun thing to watch!  I sure do love these little girls!

A week before their birthday we also attended David's sisters graduation.  It was on a school day so David couldn't attend but I took the three kids and we made it there all in one piece!  Congratulations to Joy and Kahea for graduating and good luck in graduate school!  

At dinner the night before.  Mia took a little bit to warm up to Judy, but when she did she was in love!

At graduation Judy took Ava the whole time and Ava just loved cuddling up to her!

Our half of the bench.  Graduation is hard for everyone to sit through, especially a 4 year old!  So I may have let him watch my phone through the majority of it... Hey, taking 3 preschoolers to graduation by yourself is no joke!  I did what I had to do!

With the graduates!

It was a long morning and this was really the only time they cried the whole day!
That Sunday we had a big group birthday party for all the 5 birthdays that happen in one month! Kahea, Brittany, Ava, Mia, and me!
Party hats!

All the birthday people!  Plus Asher.  Judy didn't want Asher to feel left out so he got to blow out a candle and he got a present to open too.  He was pretty excited about that!

On our birthday I was originally planning on going swimming, but Asher woke up with a fever and threw up so I didn't want to chance going to a public place.  So we spent time at home playing with balloons, having nap time (all three kids took a nap at the same time, it was amazing!), and eating cupcakes!  David also went and got me Cafe Rio for dinner which was amazing because I love Cafe Rio and hate cooking.  It was a great day and I had so much fun!

My poor sick little boy.

Opening presents!  Asher liked helping with that part.

This video is kind of long, but if you have nothing better to do you should watch it!

I blew up a bunch of balloons and they had a lot of fun chasing those around the living room!

Cupcakes!  Mia loved hers.  Ava...not so much...
Eating birthday cupcakes!

Asher loves to have buddies in bed with him.  He usually has his bear (it was actually mine that my dad got for me when I had surgery in 8th grade) and this night he wanted Steve tucked in too!
I just thought this was super cute!

That Sunday we all went on a walk right before bedtime.  Asher didn't want to walk, but we only have a 2 seater stroller.  But that didn't stop him so he shimmied his way in between the two seats and sat on the footrest!  Ava was kicking his back pretty much the whole time, but I think everyone had a pretty good time!  Here's to a great summer where we can spend time outside!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Catching Up

David got mad at me for not posting for awhile, so here it goes!  This is all going to be in reverse chronological order because that's how the photos uploaded and I'm too lazy to change them.

Asher started t-ball!  He really loves it and gets so excited to play.  His excitement makes up for the fact that he's not the most athletic person, but he does have a great time and that's what matters!  He is very social so pretty much all he does is play around with the other kids on the team and distracts them from whatever they're supposed to be doing.  He had his first game yesterday and it was very entertaining!  His team was batting first and after the first kid hit the ball off the tee the entire team started running for first base!  David and I were laughing pretty hard the whole time.  The team that was batting kept tackling the team in the outfield to catch the ball that had been hit, parents had to carry their kids to the bases because they couldn't figure out where to run, and players would randomly walk off the field to go sit with their parents.  It was everything I hoped it would be!  Asher did great (although he was a little more subdued than normal, it takes him awhile to get used to new things).  I knew Asher loved it, though, because he insisted on wearing his shirt the whole day and even to bed.  
Wearing his team shirt to bed!
He is so cute!
Asher is seriously the best brother. He does have his moments where he yells at the girls or gets mad at them, but he also loves them very much.  Sometimes when I'm putting the girls to bed he will insist on sitting next to me while I'm reading them a story so he can hold one of them on his lap.  One night he jumped in my chair so I gave him both babies and read them all a story.  He's just awesome.

I love growing plants from seeds and actually have a pretty good little garden!  I grew tomato, peas, and flowers from seed and have some kale the Relief Society gave out at an activity.  I'll post a picture when I start getting some veggies!  Right now they're pretty good looking bushes. Asher helped me transplant them from a small pot in my window sill to a big pot outside.

Trip to Idaho!  Not for any special reason, just for fun.

All the cousins minus Milan, Nathan, and Sorren!  Poor Zach on the end broke his ankle the day before and wasn't having as much fun.  
Cache, Mia, and Clara
Clara is just about 2 months younger than my girls.  They are starting to play together pretty well!  Ledger nicknamed  Clara "Ice Cream" when she was a newborn and Asher still calls her that now.
These three are such good buddies!  Even though London is the youngest, she's the one in charge and bosses the other two (and the rest of the cousins) around.  Whenever we go to Idaho, the first things Asher asks is "When is Ledger and London coming?"
Church with Grandma, Grandpa, Lisa, Isaac, Hunter, and Clara.  Asher loves his sisters. :)
Like seriously, he loves them!
Finally good enough weather to go to the park!  And their sweatsuits are just super adorable.
11 Months!
11 Months!
I love her squishy cheeks.
We got a new dishwasher!  It only took 3 days, 9 total hours, 2 trips to Ace and one trip to Wal-Mart and we got it in!  It was such a hassle.  How David is standing pretty much sums up how we felt after that weekend.  It was awful.  And we still have the old dishwasher sitting in our laundry room waiting for us to take it to the dump.
I found an activity for Asher to do during Conference, adult coloring books!  He loved doing that and spend many hours doing this during those 2 days.
(week before) Easter picture!
I just like her cheesy grin.
First pony tail!
We went to Idaho in March too.  David's birthday was on that trip so we went swimming!  I was a little worried about the girls because it was their first time but they loved it!
We also went to David's old mission companions sealing in the Idaho Falls temple.  It was my first time inside and it was a lot of fun to see his cowboy family and how spunky and down to earth they all are!
My girls and Henry (Brian's son).  They have fun. ;)
The other day I heard a song come on the radio that I hadn't heard in awhile.  Every time I hear it I am brought back to our tiny little 700 square ft apartment in Rexburg when Asher was just a newborn.  He had a tough start on life and was very colicky.  He also slept horrible (which looking back on it now was just something to get me prepared for having twins!) and so it was pretty common for me to be up with him at 5am sitting on the couch in our living room.  He was always happiest in the mornings, although still a little uncomfortable and weepy.  For some reason we were able to get MTV on our TV and the thing that seemed to make Asher the happiest was when I would turn it on (that early in the morning they would just play music videos) and sing along with the songs while holding him.  This song came on every morning and I think it was his favorite.  So here you go!  A little glimpse into my life almost 5 years ago!

Saturday, March 3, 2018


I was looking at the pictures on my phone the other day and decided I'd just upload a few of them on here.  I just keep thinking how much I love each of my kids.  I know to others they may not be the cutest or happiest or most interesting, but I sure think they are the bees knees!  There's a reason we were all put together, and I think that reason is because we all make each other better.  So here's a little look at what life has been like for us!

Sometimes Ava has a hard time in the morning so she'll drink her bottle with her eyes closed until she has a chance to wake up a little.  It's so funny!
Mia loves to chew on people, and this time Henry (her cousin) was on the receiving end!  He was actually smiling while she was doing it so I think he liked it.  Mia also likes to bite Ava's bum when they're in the bath together.  Ava does not like that.
She also loves to lay on people.  She only does this with people she really likes.
One day last week I had 4 babies in my house!  I had my girls and was watching Henry and another boy in our ward.  People get very impressed when I tell them I watch other kids along with my twins, but another twin mom in our ward totally understood.  She knew that once you reach a certain level of crazy it really doesn't make a difference how many other kids are thrown in!  You just cycle through all the kids and take care of whatever they need at the moment!
Mia also loves to crawl on things.  And people.  She can be a bit of a punk sometimes!
I just like this picture.  She's kind of turning into a mama's girl.  Sometimes.  
It finally snowed!  While the girls took a nap Asher and I went out and had a snowball fight.  It was fun to do stuff with just the two of us again. ;)
Mia loves Asher.  And Asher loves Mia.
Like really.  They're two peas in a pod.
Sometimes I go through periods where I take more pictures of one child than the others (although I try to rotate that around as much as I can!)  The past few weeks it has been Mia.  I just love her crooked little smile.
I love them.  And their sticky up hair.