Our Happy Family

Our Happy Family

Saturday, April 8, 2017


Well, we made it to April!  That's a big thing for us for a few reasons.  Firstly, I made it to 34 weeks!  The doctors I see are all very happy I've made it this far without any major complications and that almost every test I have comes back normal.  That's not to say I'm not really uncomfortable, but things are going well.  I can just feel that my body is being pushed to the limit and I'm not sure how much longer I can go, but everything should be okay!  After 34 weeks I can deliver at the hospital close to us (they don't have a full NICU and can only keep babies there born after 34 weeks) and I don't have to worry about delivering there and then having the babies shipped to SLC, an hour away.  The scary part is that from here on out they won't stop labor.  So if I start having contractions then we're just going to go for it!  I'm terrified about how we're going to handle things after the babies are born, but I'm very glad that I'm almost done with this pregnancy.  

At my last doctor's appointment (which I have weekly now), the babies were each measuring about 5 lbs and both heartbeats were normal.  I have to do a Non-Stress Test each visit where they measure heartbeats, if I have any contractions, and movement from each baby.  They had any easy time getting movement from Baby A, but to get enough movement from Baby B they had me drink juice and lay on my side.  They weren't concerned about the movement because they are both growing so well, and I told them that that's how it's been my entire pregnancy.  I just have one child that's a lot more active than the other!  Baby A is head-down, but Baby B is breech.  I asked the doctor if I could still try for a vaginal birth (I really don't want to have a C-section) and they said that as long as Baby A is head down I could try and it usually works out fine.  He said after the first baby is born they have plenty of room to try and flip the second.  There's still a chance I could deliver one and then have a C-section for the other, but I'm praying that doesn't happen!  

34 Weeks! And this is one of my only shirts that still covers my belly.
I feel like I keep forgetting to post about Asher, so here are a few things about this boy that I want to remember!
  • He is such a goof.  He likes to say made-up words and gibberish and then laughs for 5 minutes about it!  I keep forgetting to get a video of it, but it reminds me so much of home videos of my older brother and him being a ham in front of the camera.  
  • One thing that I don't love, but can't help but laugh at is that he always compares things that are really big to my tummy.  Like "That truck is SOOOO big, it's the biggest I've ever seen!  Just like your tummy!"  I can't help but laugh, but I also can't wait to have a semi-normal waistline again.
  • Loves to play pretend.  He always plays with his cars and has them talk to each other.  
  • One thing I've tried to start doing is after I read him a book and we say prayers before bed, I'll ask him things about the day or ask what he wants to do tomorrow.  It's turned into some of my favorite time!  He loves to tell stories about things that happened and completes each story with hand gestures.  I love that he can communicate with me now!  Things that he always asks that we can do is go play with Monty (the little boy that lives upstairs) or go to church. 
  • He loves Millie.  Maybe a little too much.  She'll sometimes hide from him.  But when he comes into my room in the morning to wake me up, he always goes and pets Millie too.  He loves to hug her and talk to her and also jump on her, which she is very patient and nice about.  As much of a pain as she can be sometimes, she is an excellent family dog and I'm never worried that she's going to get aggressive or mean with Asher.
  • For some weird reason, the last week or so he has actually said the words "Mom, I'm hungry."  I about died of shock the first time it happened!  My guess is he's going through a growth spurt because this kid could live off half a piece of bread a day and still be fine.  But this week he has been eating so much!  Well, probably a normal amount compared to other kids, but a ton for him!  
  • He had his first dentist appointment!  At first, he was terrified and refused to let them get an x-ray and almost refused to even sit in the chair.  But the hygienist that was helping us was very patient and showed him all her tools and she even got a quick cleaning in!  After the cleaning, he was okay and they also got him to do the x-ray.  The dentist said everything looked great and for us to keep doing what we're doing!  One thing I learned, though, was that it's common for kids his age to grind their teeth.  I knew Asher did it, but didn't know it was common.  He said usually kids grow out of it when they get their adult teeth.  But he warned me that some kids grind their teeth so much that they get little cracks in their teeth and get cavities because of it.  But there's not much to do about it now so I'll just keep brushing his teeth and keep giving him lots of milk!
  • When I tell him he can't do something or has to wait for something, he started to collapse on the ground and lay there in defeat.  When he did that, I started asking him if he was shlunked.  So now when he does that, he smiles and says "Mom, I shlunked."  It makes me laugh every time.
I can't think of much else for right now, but that's a little bit about my funny guy!  I'm not sure when my next post will be, but hopefully I'll find the time/energy to post about the babies birth sometime in the next 6 months!  Until then, here's some pics!

Playing with legos.  His new favorite activity.
First dentist visit!
And first x-ray!
One night, we decided to have a movie night.  So I spread out some blankets and we had popcorn and candy and watched Moana.  Asher loved it and asks if we can do it all the time now!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Make-up Post

For some reason my last post got deleted, so I'll just quickly go over the highlights:

I'm still pregnant! It's very uncomfortable.  The babies are both healthy and growing great, but it's really stretching my body (no pun intended...) to it's limits.  I can't do much housework before I get too tired or sore so our house is always a mess.  Because of all the swelling and water-retention that happens when you get pregnant, I've developed pregnancy induced carpal tunnel so the first three fingers on each hand are always semi-numb.  It's not a huge deal, but it makes typing or crocheting/knitting or writing (any repetitive motion) really hard to do.  Which makes me really sad because I wanted to make such cute stuff for these girlies!  I passed my gestation diabetes test with flying colors, so that's good! I get really horrible acid reflux (probably the result of my stomach being up in my chest cavity). 

Everyone keeps telling me how good I am at growing people, but I will admit I am really grumpy about it.  I really hate being pregnant.  But I'm looking forward to having the babies here and trying to figure out life at that point! Everyone asks us if we're ready and I have to say, I'm really not.  We have all the stuff (I hope) but I just don't know how we're going to do it.  But then I think about how we made it through everything else we have, and that makes me feel a little better.  We made it through Asher as a newborn, and that was no easy task (just ask anyone who helped babysit him during that period...).  We lived for about 7 months without a paycheck while David did his student teaching and he tried to find a job.  We moved to an Indian Reservation 6 hours away from any family.  We moved 6 times in one year.  I just keep thinking if we can make it through all of that, we can do this, right?  Well, we'll soon find out!
I think I was 31 weeks along? Maybe 32?
We went to Rexburg!  David made the long commute to Idaho for all the rehearsals so he could play with the Idaho Falls Symphony because his cello professor from BYU-Idaho was playing a Shostakovich Cello Concerto. The concert went great and I was very glad I could go watch him!

There's a couple in our building that have a son the same age as Asher.  The had a pass to the aquarium and invited Asher and I to come!  Asher loves the aquarium and we had a lot of fun!
That's Monty, Asher's little buddy, with the duck.

We went to Idaho to get our taxes done.  Asher kept telling my mom he wanted to paint when we got there, so even though it was 10:00 at night when we pulled in, my mom had her watercolors all out and ready for him!
Our second car!  Yes, we took Millie to the dealership to finish signing the papers.  I hate to admit it because I really did not want a van, but it's so much easier hauling everyone around and it made our trip to Idaho much nicer!
We finally painted our living room!  The red was nice, but just too dark for our place and made it feel like a cave.  Everyone that's come over since we've painted has commented on how much better it looks.  I don't have an after picture, but the walls are now a yellow-off white color.
Millie is David's dog.  They slept like this for a good 30 minutes.
Asher helping me sort through clothes.  I think I'll have to work with him on how bows work!

Monday, January 16, 2017

22 Weeks

Well, we've made it to 22 weeks and no complications yet! (knock on wood...)  When I was pregnant with Asher I did a lot more updates on my blog about the pregnancy.  This time around, it's harder to do those updates because I'm always trying to keep up with Asher and I am so much more tired all the time, so when I do have a little time I just want to lay down and relax.  So here is my mid-pregnancy post and I'll try to remember everything that I've been going through and then a few tidbits about Asher at the end.  Here we go!

Over Christmas break when we went to Idaho, I told my sister there were a couple things I let her borrow that I would like to have now that her kids have grown out of them (changing table pad, baby carrier, bibs, etc).  Well I got a little more than I bargained for when she sent me back about 7 boxes of baby clothes that she was sick of storing!  So now I have boxes and boxes of little boy clothes.  This was in the middle of my organizing them:

This was my favorite thing that Asher wore!  I called it his Care Bear outfit.  He was soon snuggly in it and I'm totally using it for my twins.
I was a little sad putting all those boy clothes away because...
We're having two girls!  So now I have lots of boxes of boy clothes, and 2 girls on the way.  I really hope another family member is having a boy so I can at least offer those clothes out.  It makes me so sad that they're all in such good condition!  I did go through and tried to separate out the gender-neutral clothes and plan on using them for the girls.  I don't look forward to having to buy enough clothes for 2 girls.  Having twins is expensive!  Thankfully I have family who look out for good deals for me (we got a second carseat for free and my sister is letting us borrow some clothes) and I always keep a lookout on yard sale sites on Facebook! (I got a crib for $10 in pretty good condition and a crib mattress for free)

Having twins, I expected to get bigger a lot sooner.  I was really hoping these babies wouldn't want to swim as much as Asher did.  I had so much fluid with him and got really big my last month!  Here's a comparison as close as I can get between the two pregnancies:

Twins - 22 weeks
Asher - 21 weeks

I think I'm doing ok for now.  I can still do most things and haven't felt overwhelmed with my gigantic belly yet.  I do get sick of growing out of clothes so fast though!  But I know I still have growing room.  Here's a picture of me the day before I delivered Asher (11 days before my due date):
I was very miserable that day and just knew I wouldn't be going clear till my due date.  So I have this big and more to look forward to!  

I had my big ultrasound today where they did all the measurements and made sure that everyone is healthy and doing good.  It took a long time and David and Asher were both very glad to leave by the end of it.  Since they had to do all the measurements for both babies, it took a good 45 minutes just in the ultrasound room.  But I got to look at them both and see how well they are doing!  Both babies were breech, whereas at my last appointment they were both head down, so hopefully that changes before we get closer to delivery.  They are both growing great and are right on schedule!  There was nothing they could find wrong and honestly now that I'm not worried about other problems, I'm hoping I don't have two 8 pound babies!

Here are a few things about this pregnancy:
  • I have been so much more tired this pregnancy that with Asher.  It feels like growing two people is just a lot harder than growing one.  And the fact that I don't get to sleep in any more doesn't help.  That's one bad thing about already having a child when you're pregnant.  Also, it is a lot harder for me to get up in the morning.  I usually cheat and let Asher play on our tablet until I feel like I'm not going to die.  I get up with David at 6 and make his lunch and breakfast and see him off to work and then go to sleep until Asher wakes up around 7:30, get him situated, and then go back to sleep until around 9.  I feel so lazy, but at the same time I tell myself that I'm growing 2 people!  So it's ok if I'm a little lazy.
  • I had to start sleeping with my body pillow a lot earlier this time around.  My back kills if I don't.  David hates when I sleep with it but it helps so much!  
  • I felt these babies move a lot earlier.  I started feeling them around 13 weeks and feel lots of movement now!  Apparently with twins you just feel a lot more movement because they're all pushed out and cramped.
  • My circulation has taken quite a hit too.  My arms and legs fall asleep after about 15 minutes of not moving.  I had this with Asher too, it's just a little worse this time.  I just have to adjust my position a lot, and position myself just right for sleeping!
  • I haven't been gaining weight as much as I thought I would.  I only gained 30 pounds with Asher (an acceptable amount) and this pregnancy isn't much different. I just look like I gain a lot more!
  • I've been trying to stay as active as I can.  I still take Millie on a walk every night, a little less than a mile, and I try to take Asher outside to play at least a few times a week as long as the weather is good.  I figure I'll just try to keep moving until I can't anymore because it's got to help!  Some days are better than others.
  • I haven't been breaking out as much as with Asher.  With him, I looked like a teenager going through puberty and had so much acne!  This time I haven't gotten hardly any.
  • I've been so much more emotional this time.  I cry all the time over stupid things, which is horrible when I teach Young Women.  I'm sure they hate when I teach because I'm that blubbery teacher that cries over every lesson.  I try to keep telling them I'm not normally like that!  Also, my temper is harder to control.  I've gotten better at it, but it's still harder for me to keep my cool when things really bother me.
  • My pregnancy brain is awful.  I can't remember names, I always forget what I'm doing, and David will try to remind me of conversations we've had and I can't remember actually having them.  I also forget about 75% of the things that David asks me to do unless I write it down.  I have to write everything down because I know I'll forget!  There are a million little scraps of paper with notes I've written down.  So if anyone sends me a text or email or asks me to do something, don't be offended when I've forgotten about it!
To be honest, things are going pretty well.  I'm just a really bad pregnant lady and get grumpy about stuff, but I know I'm lucky that things have gone so well, especially with twins!  Next week is my glucose test (yuck) so hopefully that comes back negative!  That's all I can remember right now, so here are a few pictures of Asher just because. 

Asher LOVES balloons and was begging me to get some for him.  So I bought a package for $1 at Wal-Mart and made him one happy boy!  His favorite thing was to put all of them in the crib and try to kick them from one crib to the other, while I try to keep the balloons in his crib.   
"Bury me with the balloons please Mama!"
He loved his crib when he was in it and loves it still!  He's been having fun getting ready for the babies.
He learned to take pictures on purpose.  Most of the time he'll take pictures of his nose, sometimes try to take pictures of me (usually when I'm asleep), and this is one he tried to take of Millie.
He's getting more independent!  He has started insisting on making his own peanut butter sandwich, or as he calls them "keenut sandwich".  I usually put honey on it when I make his sandwich, but he likes just the bread and peanut butter.  He's actually not too bad at making them!

Asher has been really into singing lately and will sing just about anything.  He'll sing along with classical music, nursery rhymes, or he'll just sing whatever he happens to be thinking.  He's also gotten good at singing along with movies!  This is a video of him singing along with the beginning of Wall-E, which we watch about once a day.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

December Time

November was so so busy for us, and I was actually really hoping December would slow down a little. Silly me to think that Christmas time would be like that!  It was a busy month full of shopping, concerts, and traveling!  I'll try to remember things the best I can.

First off, David came home one day with this little thing!

Teacher of the month!  I have no idea how often teachers at his school normally get this, but I thought it showed how much hard work David has been putting into his job.  He doesn't get a pay raise or a bonus, just a nice mug and something to put on his resume!  

Next semi-exciting thing is we got new couches!  Well, Brian was getting rid of their couches and they were very nice and gave them to us!  The hard thing was they wanted to bring the couches over the night of David's Christmas concerts.  I had to go to the concerts to help turn pages and tune and direct kids around, so Joy, Kahea, Brian, and Brittany moved our couches while babysitting!  It was so nice of them to do that and I felt bad that we couldn't be there (not that either of us could've done much lifting at that point because my belly was getting a lot bigger and David was still getting over his back injury).  But for about 3 weeks our living room looked like this!  It was very...cozy...and our living room felt tiny, but Asher thought it was great to have lots of couches to jump on!  David thought it was great because when we watched movies, he could lay on one couch, I could lay on another, and Millie (the spoiled dog) would get tucked in on the third. ;)

David loves to spoil Millie and always tries to sneak her into our bed at night, tuck her in on the couch, and play all rough with her when he gets home from work.  Because of that, this happens almost every night.  David will call me on his way home from work, and Millie knows that means Daddy is almost home and she'll wait either by the window or by the door waiting for him.

I'm not a morning person anyways, but since I've been pregnant it's been even harder to get up.  One morning, Asher got into the candy David brought home from school.  He unwrapped about 10 pieces of chocolate, then put them back in the box without eating one.  He doesn't really love chocolate and/or candy and I don't know where that came from.  Certainly not me.

As part of David's parents gift to us, they sent us the cutest Christmas ornament!  It's very fitting for our family.  I'm really hoping this one will survive the next few years!

On the 23rd, we drove up to Rexburg to spend Christmas with my family.  It was very cold, snowed a few feet while we were there, and we got to spend lots of time with cousins!  I think some of the most memorable things was when I made sugar cookies with lots of little toddlers (I started out just making them with Asher, but soon Ledger, London, and even Isaac joined in!  I don't have a picture of it, but it was very crazy!), watching David shovel off my parents deck while Asher "helped" by using a dustpan to shovel, and just seeing the general craziness with having so many children under the age of 5 in one house.

On Christmas Eve, we were going to go see a live nativity that my cousins put on every year, but it was really cold and snowy so we decided to stay in.  So my mom got out one of her nativity sets and narrated the story for all the little people!  It was very chaotic and I was laughing very hard!  This video was at the beginning when they were still kind of paying attention.

Asher thought it was great fun going through his, mine, and David's stockings Christmas morning!
On Christmas, it was snowing so bad that my parents, who had gone to church 20 minutes before us, told us not to even try going because our car would probably get stuck.  So we stayed at their house and let Asher open one of his presents to tide him over until they all got home!  We spent a little more than average on him this year because we both felt bad about how boring things have been for him and how crazy things are going to be this year.
Cousins wear Asher out.  He had so much fun with them!
David with Ledger and Asher at McDonald's.  There was lots of giggling when this was taken!
My parents found out their dog, Oscar, has diabetes along with arthritis and just being an old dog.  He was very spoiled during our trip because everyone knew how sick he was.

During the holidays it's one of our traditions to go to my dad's school and play in the gym.  It is great for all those little people that like to run around!  They have scooters and basketball and jump rope there and everyone has a lot of fun.  Normally we do a family game of lightning, but I wasn't going to play (too big of belly) and my mom and dad had both had surgery in the last month (we were the medical leave bench and just sat on the side and held my sisters baby), and there were a few people missing.  But hopefully next year sometime we can start that up again!

We had so much fun in Rexburg and it was great to see all my family again.  I'm sad I didn't get any pictures of David's family (my bro, not my husband), but we got to spend some time with them too!  It was good to get home, though.  Asher was in desperate need of his regular sleep schedule (and a little alone time, he's not used to being around other kids all the time yet), and Millie was getting bombarded by all the attention all the kids were giving her.  So we had a few days at home to relax before getting back into our routine.

My sister gave us Candyland, which Asher caught on to really fast!
We gave Asher a bunch of puzzles and so did my sister, so we usually end up doing about 5 puzzles a day with him.
We were boring on New Years.  Asher fell asleep on the couch at 6, so I just moved him right to his bed.  I was so exhausted from our vacation that I ended up going to bed at 10:30 (and even that was a stretch for me). David was the only one who was awake to ring in the new year, and I think he even came to bed shortly after that.
Judy sent Asher this adorable shirt.  I may have to take it in a little because he is just so darn skinny, but he looks very cute in it!

For mutual, we combined with the young men and played human hungry hungry hippos.  It was  a lot of fun!  I took Asher with me and he had so much fun throwing the balls back into the middle that came our way!
December was busy, and it looks like January isn't going to slow down much!  David's work will ease up a little.  He's been teaching an extra class so he has been working 10-11 hour days this school year.  But they recently hired someone to take over the choirs so he can go back to working his regular hours.  It will take a lot of stress off of him and he won't have to work so long.  That will be nice especially the further along I get in my pregnancy.  And Asher will love having his playmate home more!  We gave our old couch to my brother, so our living room feels much more open now.  And now our focus is just to make it through the next few months!  It's going to be difficult financially, emotionally, and physically, but we're going to do the best we can.  Here's to an exciting year ahead of us!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


So much has been happening these past few months, I feel like I'm just now able to catch my breath.  And in a few more months things are going to get even crazier!  One thing I've noticed that has been on both my and David's mind has been how worried we are about Asher once the twins are born.  Asher is used to being an only child, and while he absolutely loves other kids, we aren't sure how much he'll love having them living in our house 24/7.

So I feel like I have to take every opportunity now to enjoy the crap out of spending time with my firstborn while he has me all to himself! He is such a good kid and we really did get lucky having such a spunky, loving, and adventurous child to enjoy these last few years.  Here's just a few things I want to remember about Asher right now:
  • His talking has improved sooooo much compared to where he was last year!  He loved speech therapy and it really helped me be able to help him.  Now he loves to tell me lots of stories and narrate everything he does and (a little to my dismay) copies words and phrases that he hears.  Yesterday he came up to me and said "Mama, I have a problem."  Other phrases he likes to use are "Oh my gosh!", "Don't be naughty", and "Good job!".  It makes me sad that he's starting to lose his baby talk and pronounces words more correctly.
  • He is such a good boy at heart!  He loves to say no when you tell him to do something, and will sometimes throw a tantrum, but usually does what you want without too much more whining.  At the park he was starting to get too far away from where I was sitting, so I yelled over for him to come back.  The mother sitting next to me thought it was funny that even as he was saying no, he was walking back over and doing what he was told.  I explained that that's the 3 year old in him wanting to be naughty, but his good nature to listen to me!  He also doesn't want anyone to be sad.  If I ever want him to give me a hug, I'll just tell him that I'm sad and a hug will make me happy.  It's a little manipulative, but it works every time!  When I take Millie outside to go to the bathroom, he says that Millie is sad because she has to go potty, but when I take her outside I'm making her happy!  He just wants everyone to be happy!
  • He likes to help me clean.  Not pick up his toys, because that would be silly, but if I'm ever wiping things down he'll grab a disinfecting wipe and get right next to me to help clean!  If I'm doing dishes, he'll grab dishes from the table and bring them over.  When I was setting up our crib, he was right there helping me hold stuff and screwing things in.  He loves to go get things for me or David while we're doing stuff.  Or if we're feeling lazy and don't want to get up to get things.
  • Still loves cars.  I know any present I get him that has wheels he will love.  Which is why we have a bajillion cars in our house.  And he's not big into coming up with creative names.  The names of his cars are Blue Car, School Bus, Tractor, etc.  The only cars that have real names are the cars that look like cartoons.  He has a semi he calls Mack (from Cars).  And he knows all the names of the Thomas trains.  And the cars from Blaze.
He is just a real goof ball and always makes me laugh!  I hope he'll always keep that quality!  It'll be a big adjustment when the twins are born, but I think he will actually like it.  And I'm pretty positive these babies will absolutely love their big brother!  

I bought this floaty toy awhile ago, and while I was cleaning Asher found it.  He kept asking to go swimming, but this was the best I could do.  He didn't seem to mind and had a blast!  Even if it was a little squishy.
Last Sunday he came up to me and announced that he had his shoes and necklace on, so he was ready for church!
Yesterday Asher told me to lay down on the couch (I didn't complain).  He then picked the flowers from off our Christmas tree and put them in my hair and told me I was pretty.  Then he tried to cut my nails (which I was too nervous to let him do).  Then he got a candy cane (which he calls candle cans) and force-fed it to me to help me feel better!  After that, he said my teeth were yucky and went and got my toothbrush and toothpaste and had me brush my teeth.  He's very good at taking care of others!

I got on the computer to write this post.  He put the glasses on me.  Then the headphones.  He's very helpful.
Asher did my hair.  Then he moved on to Millie.  Don't worry, if Millie really hated it she would've just got up and left. 

Asher loves that we are getting out all the baby stuff.  And I still think he has the best laugh around!

My sister kept asking for a baby bump picture.  This was me at 16 weeks.  I have to really not think about how much time I have left to go in this pregnancy.  But everyone is healthy and that's the most important part, right???

David playing in the West Jordan community orchestra.  He almost forgot about this concert, and it's a good thing he didn't!  He was 1 of 2 cellists.  It was a fun little Christmas concert!  I'm more excited about his next concert, though.  Messiah sing along! 

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Petition for Prayers

As crazy as we thought our life was going to be after we found out we were going to have twins, a week later it just got crazier (and not in a good way).

Thursday, Oct 27 - David was going to have a concert with the West Jordan Symphony that night, so I took him to work so Asher and I could have a car to get to the concert that night.  We were going to meet David for dinner and he was just going to hang out at his school till we got there.  But David called me during lunch and said he really hurt his back and could hardly move.  So we left home 2 hours earlier than planned, met David at the school, and took him to an urgent care.  He could barely move and had to lean on me to walk.  The doctor there gave him a shot of an anti-inflamatory and a pain pill and sent us on our way.  The shot did nothing and David couldn't even feel the pain pill working.  But he played in the concert that night anyways because he didn't to disappoint his students that were coming.  Then we went home and he crashed on our bed and couldn't move.  He hardly slept that night because of the pain.

Friday, Oct 28 - The pain was still awful.  We took him to a different urgent care/family doctor close to our house.  They did an x-ray, another shot, a muscle relaxant, anti-inflamatory pills, and more powerful pain pills.  The x-ray showed that the bones were all fine, but pulling slightly in his spine, which didn't say much except that his muscles were pulling them, which we already knew.  We were told to come back on Monday for a follow up.  The shot and pain pills still weren't helping, and I was basically David's walking stick because he had to lean on me wherever he went.

Saturday, Oct 29 - David was in a lot of pain.  He tried to move around to loosen up the muscles, but could barely get around the apartment.  Pain pills still not working, but the anti-inflamatory pills helped a little.  It's a little bit of a cruel irony that I, the woman pregnant with twins, am the most able-bodied person in our house.  I had to help David with almost everything.

Sunday, Oct 30 - Stake Conference.  I didn't feel comfortable leaving David because he was so dependent on me for that long so I stayed home.  Also, Asher got a cold.  Probably from going to the doctors offices.

Monday, Oct 31 - We went back to the doctors.  David was told to go to Physical Therapy and we got an MRI scheduled.  Better pain pills that kind of work!  I took Asher trick or treating that night, which he just loved!  After a couple houses, he got the hang of it and we were walking around for about an hour!  When we got home, David was in a much better mood because the pills were actually helping take the edge off the pain.

My little pirate!
This is him saying "ARRGH!"
With all his spoils!  Asher doesn't really love candy, so he gave David and I most of it.
Tuesday, Nov 1 - Physical Therapy.  The therapist couldn't do much because we didn't know what was wrong yet.  He guessed the disk was bulging and the nerve bundles were hanging out a little.  They didn't do much for David, but he did get a shirt and Asher made a bunch of new friends!  At all the doctors offices, most people thought Asher was super cute and would get him toys and stickers and play with him.  At the physical therapists, there was an older patient there that Asher thought was the coolest person ever!

Later that night I went to DI and got David a walker.  I was just getting to be too much to have him lean on me for everything.  This also helped him have a lot more freedom to move around.  Mostly all I do to help him now is move stuff out of his way or go get things for him.  

Wednesday, Nov 2 - David tried to go to work.  I thought with the walker and pain pills he would be ok, but he only lasted 3 hours before his back pain was too much.  Also, MRI today.  We drove to Provo and had Joy watch Asher while we did this.  He had a lot of fun with her and I got to see her new place when we picked him back up!  I was surprised that the MRI only last about 15-20 minutes.  While we were there, the guy helping David said he had to get part of his spine fused because of arthritis.  He looked like he was moving pretty good!  So if David has to do that at least I know he'll be able to walk better than he is now!  
This picture breaks my heart a little.  I figured this is the only way he would let me take a picture of him with the walker. 

Thursday, Nov 3 - David spent most of the day laying down.  The only position that feels comfortable.  We got the results of the MRI.  Protruding disk with annular tear (disk tear) in the L5 S1 region.  We were referred to a specialist, who we'll meet with on Monday.  We were also told the only way to completely relieve David's pain is with an epidural.  We tried to get set up with that, but our doctor's office hasn't been super good at calling us back in a timely fashion.

Friday and Saturday, Nov 4/5 - Not much happened.  David stayed home and mostly laid down.  It hurts him so much to move around.  We're all so frustrated that this is still going on.  David is frustrated he's in so much pain and can't do hardly anything and can't go to work.  I'm frustrated that I have to help everyone else in the house do everything (helping them go to the bathroom, getting them to bed, feeding everyone).  Asher and Millie are frustrated because their routine is all messed up and they don't have their playmate and I don't take them to the park as much.  We all just want life to go back to normal.

Today is Fast Sunday.  I'm not able to fast but if all you out there could include us in your thoughts and prayers this day, we would really appreciate it.  I honestly feel like we're doing everything we can, but it still feels like it's not enough.  I'm trying super hard not to think about what all this is going to cost when the bills start coming in, and trying extra super hard to not think about when the twins are born and if they end up in the NICU and how trying (emotionally and financially) that's going to be!  We're trying to be as upbeat as we can about all this and have found many ways to laugh at how ridiculous our situation is.  I just pray that the appointment tomorrow will go well and they can fix David as soon as possible so I can have my husband and Asher and Millie can have their Daddy back.  
This is the best position for David.  Laying on our couch.  He spends the majority of his time here.

I just had to include these pictures.  Asher has taken to tucking his toys into bed and then running to find me to show me!  And don't worry, tractors get tucked in just like any human-like toy.
And here are his farmers all tucked in.
Wan-Mart got out all their Christmas decorations!  I love Christmas so I was a little excited (even if I do think it's too early).  I was most excited to see their chocolate oranges!  I feel like they run out of those so fast!  I normally try to avoid them because I gain most of my holiday weight from them, but I really needed one this week.