Saturday, April 8, 2017


Well, we made it to April!  That's a big thing for us for a few reasons.  Firstly, I made it to 34 weeks!  The doctors I see are all very happy I've made it this far without any major complications and that almost every test I have comes back normal.  That's not to say I'm not really uncomfortable, but things are going well.  I can just feel that my body is being pushed to the limit and I'm not sure how much longer I can go, but everything should be okay!  After 34 weeks I can deliver at the hospital close to us (they don't have a full NICU and can only keep babies there born after 34 weeks) and I don't have to worry about delivering there and then having the babies shipped to SLC, an hour away.  The scary part is that from here on out they won't stop labor.  So if I start having contractions then we're just going to go for it!  I'm terrified about how we're going to handle things after the babies are born, but I'm very glad that I'm almost done with this pregnancy.  

At my last doctor's appointment (which I have weekly now), the babies were each measuring about 5 lbs and both heartbeats were normal.  I have to do a Non-Stress Test each visit where they measure heartbeats, if I have any contractions, and movement from each baby.  They had any easy time getting movement from Baby A, but to get enough movement from Baby B they had me drink juice and lay on my side.  They weren't concerned about the movement because they are both growing so well, and I told them that that's how it's been my entire pregnancy.  I just have one child that's a lot more active than the other!  Baby A is head-down, but Baby B is breech.  I asked the doctor if I could still try for a vaginal birth (I really don't want to have a C-section) and they said that as long as Baby A is head down I could try and it usually works out fine.  He said after the first baby is born they have plenty of room to try and flip the second.  There's still a chance I could deliver one and then have a C-section for the other, but I'm praying that doesn't happen!  

34 Weeks! And this is one of my only shirts that still covers my belly.
I feel like I keep forgetting to post about Asher, so here are a few things about this boy that I want to remember!
  • He is such a goof.  He likes to say made-up words and gibberish and then laughs for 5 minutes about it!  I keep forgetting to get a video of it, but it reminds me so much of home videos of my older brother and him being a ham in front of the camera.  
  • One thing that I don't love, but can't help but laugh at is that he always compares things that are really big to my tummy.  Like "That truck is SOOOO big, it's the biggest I've ever seen!  Just like your tummy!"  I can't help but laugh, but I also can't wait to have a semi-normal waistline again.
  • Loves to play pretend.  He always plays with his cars and has them talk to each other.  
  • One thing I've tried to start doing is after I read him a book and we say prayers before bed, I'll ask him things about the day or ask what he wants to do tomorrow.  It's turned into some of my favorite time!  He loves to tell stories about things that happened and completes each story with hand gestures.  I love that he can communicate with me now!  Things that he always asks that we can do is go play with Monty (the little boy that lives upstairs) or go to church. 
  • He loves Millie.  Maybe a little too much.  She'll sometimes hide from him.  But when he comes into my room in the morning to wake me up, he always goes and pets Millie too.  He loves to hug her and talk to her and also jump on her, which she is very patient and nice about.  As much of a pain as she can be sometimes, she is an excellent family dog and I'm never worried that she's going to get aggressive or mean with Asher.
  • For some weird reason, the last week or so he has actually said the words "Mom, I'm hungry."  I about died of shock the first time it happened!  My guess is he's going through a growth spurt because this kid could live off half a piece of bread a day and still be fine.  But this week he has been eating so much!  Well, probably a normal amount compared to other kids, but a ton for him!  
  • He had his first dentist appointment!  At first, he was terrified and refused to let them get an x-ray and almost refused to even sit in the chair.  But the hygienist that was helping us was very patient and showed him all her tools and she even got a quick cleaning in!  After the cleaning, he was okay and they also got him to do the x-ray.  The dentist said everything looked great and for us to keep doing what we're doing!  One thing I learned, though, was that it's common for kids his age to grind their teeth.  I knew Asher did it, but didn't know it was common.  He said usually kids grow out of it when they get their adult teeth.  But he warned me that some kids grind their teeth so much that they get little cracks in their teeth and get cavities because of it.  But there's not much to do about it now so I'll just keep brushing his teeth and keep giving him lots of milk!
  • When I tell him he can't do something or has to wait for something, he started to collapse on the ground and lay there in defeat.  When he did that, I started asking him if he was shlunked.  So now when he does that, he smiles and says "Mom, I shlunked."  It makes me laugh every time.
I can't think of much else for right now, but that's a little bit about my funny guy!  I'm not sure when my next post will be, but hopefully I'll find the time/energy to post about the babies birth sometime in the next 6 months!  Until then, here's some pics!

Playing with legos.  His new favorite activity.
First dentist visit!
And first x-ray!
One night, we decided to have a movie night.  So I spread out some blankets and we had popcorn and candy and watched Moana.  Asher loved it and asks if we can do it all the time now!

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You are so close! I'm glad you keep posting about Asher too. I love that kid.