Monday, July 10, 2017

2 Months

Well, we've made it another month!  To be perfectly honest, I don't particularly enjoy the newborn stage of my babies.  I love it in other people's children because you get to just snuggle a sweet smelling little bundle of joy!  But when it's your own you get a little worn down by the lack of sleep, the constant feeding, the tummy troubles that make your baby very grumpy (my children apparently all start out with very sensitive tummies), because of the tummy troubles I don't get to eat a lot of the foods I like (dairy, anything acidic, carbonation), and the crying.  I don't want to give you the impression that I don't love my children, because I do!  They're just easier when they can smile and laugh and play with toys and interact with you!  And people keep telling me that twins get a lot easier after 6 months, so I'm waiting for that day!  Anyways, here's a little look at our lives this last month!

Here's a little summary of the girls.

  • LOVES to be held.  Like a lot.  Like she never wants to be put down.  She just loves to be snuggled!  She is getting better at not being held which is nice for me because my arms and shoulders get very sore sometimes!  
  • Sleeps pretty good at night.  Wakes up for feedings, but almost always goes right back to sleep.  Longest stretch - 5 hours.
  • When she's in a good mood she is so easy to get a smile from!  She loves being talked to and seeing your facial expressions.
  • When she's mad, she gets VERY mad.  She can scream very loud and sometimes cries so hard she'll start getting hoarse.  Hopefully that stops soon.
  • Kind of a Mama's girl already.  She tends to calm down faster for me than other people, even David.
  • I think she had some acid reflux for awhile because she was always spitting/throwing up after every feeding and had a lot more tummy problems.  I gave her a lot of gas drops and gripe water which seemed to help.  She's mostly grown out of it now, which is so nice because I could tell she didn't feel good and it made her very unhappy.
  • Generally most people think she looks more like me. :)
  • Likes being outside, laying on a blanket in the grass.  
  • 11 lbs 3 oz (39%) and 22.75 in (54%)
  • So aware of her surroundings!  Since she was born she has had her eyes wide open to look at everything around her.  It's hard to get her to look at your face because she's always looking everywhere else around the room.  When I take Ava in the backpack when I walk Millie at night, she's asleep before we reach the end of the block.  With Mia, she stays awake the whole time and just looks around.
  • Definitely my easiest baby.  Doesn't need to be held all the time, has a less sensitive stomach, sleeps pretty good, and doesn't cry very much.  
  • She doesn't smile as much as Ava, but I think it's mainly because she gets so distracted when she's looking around.  When she does smile, she looks so excited and fascinated with you!
  • Also, when she does look at your face, she likes to do so by tilting her head way back.  That's also how she sleeps.  It looks very uncomfortable.
  • Sleeps better than Ava, unless she decides she doesn't want to sleep.  Then she'll be up for 4 hours with only a 10 minute cat-nap.  She usually isn't grumpy when she does this, just wants to be awake.  Longest sleeping stretch - 8 hours.
  • Looks just like Asher when he was a baby.
  • 10 lbs 12 oz (28%) and 22.7 in (52%)
For both girls:
  • Hate bath time.  Which is weird for me because Asher loved bath time from the beginning!  I've tried many different methods/times of day and am slowly figuring out what results in the least amount of crying, but it's been a trial.  Bath time doesn't happen as much as it did with Asher, I'll just say that.
  • Daddy gets the most smiles from both girls.  But I knew that was going to happen.  David is a magician at getting babies to smile. ;)
  • Really don't like it when I drink pop, have ice cream, or eat pizza.  I've been forced to eat healthier.  
  • Loves it when Asher talks to them!  Does not like it when Asher touches their faces. 
A lot of people have asked me how Asher is adjusting to the girls.  He loves them!  He likes to be very involved in whatever I'm doing with them.  Whether it's changing a diaper, giving them a bath, or doing tummy time he is right there.  He likes to talk to them and can't wait until they are able to play with him.  He tries to play with them now, but it usually ends up with them crying and David and I getting after him to be soft with them.  When he and I are in the living room with both girls, he'll ask which baby does he get.  I'll tell him he can have whatever baby I'm not holding and he takes on the parent role for that baby!  He even gets mad when I try to take care of "his baby".  He will get their pacifier, a blanket, or whatever else he thinks they need.  It's very cute!  I'm very excited to watch them all grow up together.  

As for David and I, we are surviving.  Three kids is hard.  We went from outnumbering our kids, to them outnumbering us!  We hold babies a lot.  But it is a lot of fun seeing their personalities come out and see how much they change!  August is going to be a very busy month for us, so let's hope we make it through that!  Asher turns 4 on August 5th!  He's very excited for his birthday and has been asking if it's his birthday since about February.  On the 8th, my family is doing our annual camping trip!  I look forward to this all year!  Shortly after the camping trip David has to go back to school.  I'm a little nervous for that, but at the same time know that most people with twins don't get their husbands home with them for the first 4 months, so I feel a little spoiled.  I tell people that I think Heavenly Father knew I wouldn't be able to do it by myself and planned out for the babies to be born when David was home!  It's been such a blessing having David home to help with crying babies and making dinner and entertaining Asher.  He's pretty great. ;)

Here's a few pictures to document this last month!
Our upstairs neighbor's bathroom started leaking into ours.  The HOA had a guy come fix the leak, but now we have a big hole in the ceiling of our bathroom.  It makes me depressed to look at it.  Someday we'll have time/money to fix it...

My sister got all her boys cars/trains together and took a picture.  I did the same.  We have more cars because that's pretty much the only toy that Asher will play with!

David took Asher and Millie camping!  It rained the whole time I was hanging out with them and as soon as I drove away it stopped and they roasted marshmallows.  Asher thought it was the best thing ever.

Tummy time!

David's family wanted some pictures of the girls.  Unfortunately this was a night when they were both broken.  This is how I made dinner that night.

I hand babies to David a lot.  He puts a pillow under his arm and gets them to fall asleep.  We have a good system.

She was mad at me because I gave her a bath.  But I loved her frizzy hair!

Smiles from Ava!

And smiles from Mia!
Asher wanted to be in the picture too!

All my babies ;)

They replaced the rock wall by the playground.  Asher was fascinated.

My favorite pajamas!  I love seeing the bunnies with ears on her feet and the ruffles on the bum!

I told David that Asher needed to get some energy out and get out of the house.  So we borrowed Brian and Brittany's pool key and they went swimming!  I'm pretty sure Asher is part fish.

I hung out in the shade with the girls. Ava wasn't sure what to think about it.

Fireworks!  Asher loved doing sparklers.  Thanks for giving them to us Joy!

2 months old!  And in outfits their amazing aunt Keny got for them!

Blessing Day!  I'm so glad other people thought to take pictures because the day went by so fast I completely forgot!  Pretty Mia in hers.
And adorable Ava in hers!

Big yawn.
My mom made their shoes and headbands!

Thank you so much to everyone that made it!  It meant so much to us!

I always love seeing my family!

The Clay girls.


Lisa said...

I am so impressed that you posted again! It's so fun to see how your girlies are growing. That's so interesting that they are so different in weight! I'm glad you are all surviving!

mitchowl said...

I loved this post and I'm so happy you got pictures of the girls in their pretty blessing dresses. You are doing amazing with your family. They are precious.